Brain Dump

As an admitted introvert, I totally live in my head. Here’s your gateway into it. This static page is dedicated to what I’m thinking and what I care about the most. It’s about videos that inspire me and what I hope will inspire you. It’s about books I’ve read that made me think. It’s about places I’ve gone or conversations I’ve had that gave me encouragement. Welcome to my introverted safe haven. Be inspired. ” -Bill

Yesterday, I realized I have been using my introvertedness as a crutch. I’ve been giving in to my introverted self and using it as an excuse to remain in my shell, never succeed at networking and avoid conversations with people. That stops today.

Today, I declare that I will be the loudest introvert there ever was.  No. I AM the loudest introvert there ever was. Loud to me doesn’t mean raising decibels. It means living more intentionally. Being more outspoken as needed. Outgoing. Energetic. Progressive. Extraordinary. ‘Loud’ is all of these things to me.

What I have been hoping to avoid is awkward situations, feeling outcasted, looking silly and being rejected. What I will walk with in my heart from now on?

1. Awkward situations make for funny stories to laugh about with my wife over drinks later.
2. Outkast is a legendary hip-hop group with an eclectic sound and style that’s sold millions of records.
3. Looking silly can be liberating.
4. And being rejected? Well that’s part of life, but it doesn’t cause death.


From this moment on, I live out loud. I am the loudest introvert there ever was.

Be inspired.

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