William Brown

IMG_9209bZero Geek Speak blog is owned by William “Bill” Brown of BDBrown Communications in Greensboro, North Carolina. For 24 years, Bill has navigated the technology industry as a professional service provider. Cleverly, he identified the source of the disconnect between many end users and the technology world. Often, consumers purchase blindly, interacting with tunnel-visioned salesmen using complicated tech language (‘geek speak”) and frustrating the process. He opened his own consulting business, BDBrown, and just opened the Technology Center of the Piedmont Triad in August 2013! The Technology Center (the first of a few to come!) provides a neutral place for tech geeks and end users across the Triad to communicate, collaborate and connect! To extend the same service to the web-o-sphere, Bill has created this blog, where he will speak to both end users and professionals in the AV/IT industry about the latest technology trends, news, products and ideas.  It’s time to break things down , make them plain and with ZERO GEEK SPEAK!

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