That Time Dunkin Donuts Took Super Advantage of #TheDress

I know you’ve heard about #dressgate.

It’s the dress seen ’round the world at this point. Some see it as white and gold. Others see blue and black. It was all over the blogs. All over social media. Yes guys, a short little dress got that much attention–and a woman wasn’t even wearing it.

The Dress

And it appears I wasn’t the only one who could care less about whether or not the dress was white/gold or blue/black. Dunkin Donuts didn’t either but wasted no time getting in on the conversation with this tasty-looking photo posted to their Facebook page in the midst of the online debate:

Krispy Kreme Photo


Dunkin Donuts captioned it, “Doesn’t matter if it’s blue/black or white/gold, they still taste delicious. #thedress

This may not seem like a big deal and it probably isn’t but what it is is one of the coolest ways to insert your business into a social media conversation for marketing purposes. As an entrepreneur myself, I’m always taking tips from large, successful businesses. Dunkin Donuts just showed tons of fans and people who probably hadn’t even thought about donuts at all during #TheDress debate how it can totally drop itself into a hot topic in the coolest way possible.

That, my ZGS friends, is how you market yourself on social media. That is how you stay abreast in the online world and pop culture in general. That is creative marketing and real live thinking on your feet. Dunkin Donuts looks hip, cool, aware and fun.

It also looks super tasty. Job well done DD.

*Goes in search of glazed chocolate…*


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