Is Your Favorite Social Network Shutting Down?


Boy, wouldn’t we panic if that were true. We’d have to scramble for all the photos we’ve posted over the last few years and grab a few numbers from people with whom we’ve condensed communication down to Facebook update for. Ah yes, and we’d surely have to find something else to do during our lunch breaks at the office.

What would we DO if suddenly one of our most entertaining and public forums for socializing just closed up shop?

Welp, there’s an alternative emerging and emerging swiftly: Private social media. 

It’s goes a step beyond protected Twitter accounts and wall-viewing limits on Facebook. What if you could truly develop your own network on social media that included only your selected friends, colleagues and family members? There are a few private social media accounts in existence now hoping to compete with and eventually replace the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

social media

What do I REALLY think about this emerging alternative?

I can see businesses possibly taking this route for in-house communication especially for the planning of events and marketing campaigns. It’s not like they can just spread their next-year plans out all over Facebook for the competition to see. Unfortunately, I don’t see these small fries taking over a whopper like Facebook and definitely not Twitter in terms of casual socializing. Just as I mentioned the protected tweets on Twitter and privacy settings on Facebook, I think the public will simply see these new alternatives as nothing unique or special. On Facebook, you choose who to add and delete them when you want to. You even have the option to hide a post from, say, a family member you don’t necessarily want to see all the time but don’t have the heart to delete.

Existing social media has too many options that these new private social media accounts do not replace or spin off of. Also, they’d have to not only get an individual to move to their site, but also to get their entire social circle to follow suit for it to be at all enjoyable. It’s kind of hard to be ‘social’ if you’re the only one at the party, right? And why would anyone do that when they’ve got a network already set up on a free account?

I think we can all rest assured that public social media forums aren’t going anywhere anytime soon–at least not until private social media sites get a little more innovative and find a new angle.

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