A Funny Tech Story: There’s ALREADY An App for That!?

“There an app for that!” It seems neither me nor my Facebook friend were aware of just how true that statement-turned-meme has become! You see, he’s a bird watcher. I know it’s cool, right? I actually know someone who watches birds as a hobby! Anyway, he watches birds and posted about wanting an app similar to the…

Lifehack App: Shazam!

This might be the coolest lifehack app of the day yet! Some of you may be familiar with Shazam–the app that assists users with finding even the most random songs and television shows with the simple raising of your phone to the sound source of what you need to recognize! The Shazam company was first…

5 Things I Learned from 2015 Outlook for IT!

On Friday, I attended Outlook for IT in Charlotte, NC which is a huge gathering of IT professionals and other interested parties where we talk about the state of the IT industry– including topics around employment, financial standing and industry projections. Every year, I attend because of all the information I can get, but this year…

What Salsa with My Wife Taught Me!

So my wife and I just tried Zumba and Salsa dancing for the first time last week! In the salsa class, I started off just trying to get it right. So there I am shuffling, moving, wringing and twisting. I was trying so hard to follow the instructor step by step.  My wife? Well, I…

People First, Sales Second: 5 Tips for Winning BIG at Networking Events!

I know, I know. You probably frowned at that title because it goes against everything you ever learned and loved about doing big business. But I assure you, it is the absolute truth and fuddling it is probably the reason your business isn’t where it needs to be. It’s why my business isn’t where it needs to be.

Starting last December, I began really understanding the importance of relationship-building, collaboration and lasting impressions. I was going to (or hosting) networking event after networking event trying to build up my contacts and then I realized that was my problem! I was only trying to “build up my contacts”–as in, add more business cards to the piles on my desk and stick more names in my e-mail database. I wasn’t trying to get to know those people truly. I wasn’t learning their needs, concerns, likes, dislikes and dreams.

Rollercoasters & Business: Don’t Miss the Main Attraction!

While my friends enjoyed roller coasters, yelling in excitement and terror at the top of their lungs? I was on the ground eating over-priced fries. Amusement parks (the best ones) usually primarily feature roller coasters. They’re the main attractions. And I missed a heck of a lot of them.That’s a lesson I keep with me today when I’m involved in figurative roller coasters. We’ve all got to learn to navigate them and even appreciate them.

#Lifehack App: AirBnb App!

The way the AirBnb app works is you download it (Play store OR iTunes store offers it), then begin searching for available living spaces in your desired travel destinations. The unique catch? You’ll be living in the various homes and apartments of different willing hosts who are also out of town traveling! Sound strange? Well, it’s not sooo strange–at least not to the 25 million+ guests who have hosted and booked spaces using the app.